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Business, Administration and Law
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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


A Level politics is one of the most relevant and engaging A levels that you can choose to study. A level politics gives you the opportunity to study a truly modern, exciting and evolving political environment in the UK and around the world. You will be given the opportunity to study the dynamic, controversial and lively political ideas and debates currently shaping the world that we live in. At AS Level, you will study UK politics and government and political theory. You will then develop this knowledge and understanding in year 13 when you will study international politics.


Course Content

In year 12, we will look at the working of the political system in Britain and the role of political parties. We will also consider voting behaviour and electoral systems including the role of the media. We will then focus on the British constitution and the roles of the main political institutions. In the spring term, you will study the main political theories such as conservatism, liberalism and socialism. In year 13, we will study international politics. This will involve looking at globalisation, human and environmental rights as well as international organisations such as the UN and NATO. You will also spend class time debating and discussing topical political news stories and considering how they link to the wider political systems. The course allows for plenty of discussion and debate on key political ideas. 

Beyond A level

This highly respected A level provides you with many transferable academic skills that will equip you both for higher study on a variety of courses and the world of work. The course is designed to challenge your perspectives via critical thinking and writing whilst also developing your research skills. Politics students have progressed onto degrees in politics and international relations. This can lead to several careers such as civil servant, political researcher or journalist.

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Entry requirements

It is not necessary that you have studied politics before. To take the course, it is strongly recommended to have achieved GCSEs at grade 6 or higher in English Language, as well as in Mathematics. What is absolutely required though is that you have an interest in society and debating.

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