Travel and Tourism

Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Leisure, Travel and Tourism
Leisure, Travel and Tourism
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What will you be working towards?

Code PC2
Qualification Type BTEC First Award
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


The qualification provides an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of travel and tourism giving you the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. You will explore some of the key areas within the sector, including accommodation, tourism development and promotion, transport and visitor attractions. You will investigate the importance of the travel and tourism sector to the UK, and investigate different types of customer and UK destinations. You will also have the opportunity to study international travel and tourism. You will develop key skills, such as research, report drafting and writing skills and project further unit from two optional units, covering more specific aspects of the global travel and tourism sector. These are: ● international travel and tourism destinations ● factors affecting worldwide travel and tourism  



You will study the following three mandatory units, covering the underpinning knowledge and practical skills required to work in the industry: ● UK travel and tourism sector ● UK travel and tourism destinations ● the travel and tourism customer experience You will choose 

How will it be delivered?

How will I be assessed? You will carry out tasks/assignments throughout the course. Your teacher will assess and mark these and so you will receive feedback as to how you are getting on. For the assessment for Unit 3: The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience, you will  be able to draw on the knowledge, skills and understanding you have developed in the qualification as a whole. The assessment for Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector, is a test that is sent away to be marked. This test includes multiple-choice and open-ended-response questions based on main types of tourism in the UK and the different component industries that make up the UK travel and tourism sector. 

Internal, external and synoptic assessments

Entry requirements

It will particularly complement GCSE Geography, putting into context much of the knowledge and skills developed in the study of that subject, and there are strong links with GCSE Business or the BTEC First Award in Business, and the  BTEC First Award in Hospitality.

Your next steps...

The sector-specific skills and knowledge will provide a sound basis for progression to further study of this sector at level 3 through a vocational qualification such as a BTEC National in Travel and Tourism, or an apprenticeship in either travel and tourism  or hospitality.