Business, Administration and Law

Business, Administration and Law
Business, Administration and Law
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What will you be working towards?

Code PC3
Qualification Type Not Set
Qualification Level Level 2
Course type Full Time


This course allows you to study the world of business, giving you the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. You will examine the roles and responsibilities of setting up a new business and its financial management. You will also develop key skills, such as analysis and review of key financial statements.


This qualification provides an engaging, practical and relevant introduction to the world of business. It encourages you to explore the range of business types and understand the factors that influence success through analysing business models. It enables you to develop, enhance and apply your research, practical, communication and technical skills through creating and presenting a business plan for a realistic business start-up in your local area. You will study finance and analyse key financial statements (for example, income statements and statements of financial position), reviewing their importance in the successful financial management of a business. You will study three mandatory units, covering key aspects that underpin all business and the development of business models: ● Mandatory units ● Unit 1: Introduction to Business ● Unit 2: Finance for Business (External) ● Unit 3: Enterprise in the Business World (Synoptic) You will choose a further unit from three optional units, covering marketing, customer services, and business recruitment: ● Optional units – learners pick 1 ● Unit 4: Promoting a Brand ● Unit 5: Principles of Customer Service ● Unit 6: Recruitment, Selection and Employment.

How will it be delivered?

You will carry out tasks/assignments throughout the course. Your teacher will mark these, and so you will receive feedback as to how you are getting on. Unit 2 is externally assessed via a test set and marked by Pearson. For the assessment for Unit 3 you will be able to draw on the knowledge, skills and understanding you have developed in the qualification as a whole.  

Entry requirements

Entry requireemnts for Level 2 courses include grades 3/4 at GCSE and/or Btec

Your next steps...

The knowledge and skills you will acquire, as outlined above, support progression to  a broad range of level 3 study, whether academic or vocational, for example a BTEC National in Business or a BTEC National in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, A Level Business or A Level Economics.  

It can be complementary learning for a wide range of subjects