Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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Code Pa/B11
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This contemporary, accessible and creative course has been designed with teachers and learners in mind following extensive consultations. This specification will allow learners to study the media in an academic context and apply the knowledge and understanding gained to the process of creating their own media productions.



Section A: News and Online Media: 

This section consists of two linked in-depth studies that focus on contemporary news in the UK,         requiring learners to explore how and why newspapers   and their online counterparts are evolving as media products and the relationship between both online and offline news. Learners must select from a list set by OCR.  

Section B:            

Media Language and Representation: 

Learners will explore media language and representation, through media products set by OCR in the following media forms: 

•            magazines 

•            advertising and  marketing 

•            music videos 


Assessment One Overview: Media messages (01)  

70 marks 

2 hours  

Written paper 

35% of total A level 



Section A: Media Industries and Audiences 

Learners will explore media industries and audiences, through media products set by OCR for: 

•             radio  

•             video games  

•             film*  


*Film to be studied in relation to media industry only.  


Section B: Long Form Television Drama  

Learners will engage in one in-depth study of television as an evolving, global media form. Learners must study one complete episode of     a contemporary English language long form TV drama and one complete episode of a non-English language long form TV              drama to inform their study. Learners must select from lists set by OCR. 


Assessment Two Overview: Evolving media (02) 

70 marks  

2 hours  

Written paper 

35% of total A level 



Project Element: Learners will create a cross-media product in response to and OCR set brief.                

Making  media*  (03/04)  

60 marks (NEA) 

30% of total A level 

How will it be delivered?


Entry requirements

It is recommended that you achieve at least a Grade 5 in your English Language GCSE. 

Your next steps...

Students who study A Level Media typically go on to Higher Education or media-related employment to specialise in becoming a: 

• Film / Video Editor 

• Researcher for Film and Television 

• Technical Writer 

• Video Producer 

• Public relations Specialist 

• Blogger 

• Sound Engineer 

• Art Director 

• Content Strategist 

• Social Media Specialist 

• Research Journalist