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Social Sciences

What will you be working towards?

Code 9GEO
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This A Level course enables students to be inspired by their geographical understanding, to engage critically with real world issues and places, and to apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students will grow as independent thinkers and as engaged and informed citizens. 

Students will study a total of 8 topics-4 in Y12 and 4 in Y13. All 8 topics will be examined at the end of Y13 in 3 papers of varying length and weighting. The final element of assessment will require all students to produce an individual investigation of their choice and design, which will be internally marked and externally moderated. 


In each area of study candidates will consider the values and attitudes of decision makers, consider their own values and attitudes to the issues being studied and support their learning of ideas through the study of specific case studies. Candidates will also develop a variety of geographical skills, which will broaden and deepen existing knowledge and be employed with a greater degree of independence.  

Examples of what A level Geography can be paired with and potential careers are:  

with Art and Design - Advertising, Cartography and Landscape Design, with Science - Agriculture, Environmental Health, Estate Management, Nature Conservation.  With History - Archaeology, Law, Publishing;   

with Modern Languages - Business, Bilingual Secretary, Oveseas Marketing, Leisure and Tourism; with Maths - Civil Engineering, Meteorology, Mining, Navigation, Photography.   

Various other areas include: Landscape services, Sport and Recreation management, Social and Youth Work, Surveying, Transport Services, Banks, Building Societies, Civil Service, Police, Army and Health Service.  

How will it be delivered?

Paper 1 Weighting: 30% Time: 2hrs 15mins   

•   Tectonic Hazards. •   The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity.   

•   The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security. •   Landscape Systems, Processes and Change - Coasts.   

Paper 2 Weighting: 30% Time: 2hrs 15mins   


Entry requirements

Students should generally have achieved at least 5 GCSEs at Grade 9 - 5 and a grade 5 in GCSE Geography and grade 5 in GCSE English and Maths.

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