Criminology Diploma

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Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics

What will you be working towards?

Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Criminology is part of the Science Department at The Archbishop's School, it is the scientific study of crime and criminals, and this includes theories behind the causes of crime, political views on the management of crime, as well as discussing how effective the Criminal Justice System is in the UK. With studies suggesting that over 75% of people are re-offending after leaving prison, we discuss what might be the reasons behind this. How effectively is society controlled? Are criminals being punished properly? 


Criminology is the study of crime and punishment, the theories behind what makes somebody a criminal and the punishments that work alongside it. Not all crimes are the same and we look at what kind of crimes take place within our society and crimes we know little about. We also look at the criminal justice system and how effective it is at controlling and preventing crime. 

The topics we look at are Changing Awareness of Crime, Criminological Theories, Crime Scene to Courtroom and Crime and Punishment.

How will it be delivered?

Changing Awareness of Crime - Internal (Controlled Assessment- scenario based) 25%  

Criminological Theories External (Exam on knowledge of theories) 25%  

Crime Scene to Courtroom, Internal (conrolled Assessment - Scenario based) 25%  

Crime and Punishment, External (Synoptic Exam) 25%

Entry requirements

At least 5 GCSE grades 9-4 including English and Maths

Your next steps...

Higher Education and Career Opportunities: After successfully completing this programme you could go on to study higher education courses such as BSc Criminology and Psychology, BA Criminology, BSc Sociology and LLB Law. Possible careers include roles as a Detective, Police Officer, Prison Officer, Young Offenders Officer, Probation Officer, Security Officer, or Victim Support worker, among others.