Employ an Apprentice

Apprenticeship Information for Kent Maintained Schools

If you are a Foundation or Voluntary Aided school, please visit the Employ an Apprentice page of our website for more information on hiring an apprentice.

As a Kent Community or Voluntary controlled school you will contribute towards Kent County Council’s apprenticeship Levy. The ApprenticeKent team would like to support you in utilising this money to employ apprentices or upskill existing staff through apprenticeship programmes.

Also, you are not limited to the funds you have paid into KCC’s levy, you can further utilise funds that are remaining so this could provide great opportunity for your school.

Using the Apprenticeship Levy

As you already pay into the KCC levy, the process for utilising apprenticeships is quite simple. First you need to consider what roles you may wish to use apprenticeship training for, then you can contact us to support you in finding a suitable apprenticeship standard. We can also answer any queries you have at this stage. If you are happy to move forward, we will help you find a suitable training provider. Then you can recruit or start the apprenticeship training if you already have a member of staff in place.

Need Support?

If you are new to the apprenticeship process, or would like to find out more about it, please email ApprenticeKent and you will be put in touch with an Engagement Officer in your area.

Email ApprenticeKent

Last updated on 17/02/2023