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Meet the Team

Brad Levy

"I am a professional youth worker, coach and supervisor, a teacher of lifelong learning and trainer with 20 years’ experience of working young people at risk of becoming NEET. I have led teams throughout London and Kent  to provide excellent outcomes for young people and have worked with care leavers, unaccompanied asylum seekers and young people in the youth offending system, to develop mindsets and skills aimed at identifying pathways to a brighter future.

I believe that everyone has the skills within them to be the best versions of themselves and try to role model my own expectations in the people I work with.

I am incredibly proud to be the Strategic Careers Hub lead and am looking forward to seeing the Careers Hub grow and develop over time."

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Chloe Johnstone

My journey in the careers sector began with managing a number of Skills Programmes in London based universities. Two key highlights of my work in Higher Education include speaking in the Houses of Parliament to share my knowledge to MPs and members of the public at a Benefits of Education forum and being voted in as Co-Chair of a National Skills Task Group.

I have a media-based background with qualifications in Media Production and a degree in Film Production, specialising in producer roles for documentary style projects. I also ran my own freelance video production business for a number of years with a focus on producing wedding training and promotional videos. 

I currently work as an Enterprise Coordinator across the East districts in Kent. My job is to work with schools and colleges to support them with their careers strategies and link them with industry professions to support the institutions’ values and priorities. 

I have a particular interest in personal development and internal training processes and have a huge passion and drive to help everyone I meet on a personal and professional basis. ‘Be the best vision of you’ is the motto I live by and try to help others to achieve.   

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Louise Rochford

I have worked in the Education Sector since 2012, Level 7 qualified in Careers Management since 2016. I have created, facilitated and delivered careers activities and Careers Advice to students across a diverse sector, supporting schools, colleges, PRU’s and secure education settings to deliver extensive CEIAG.

I have a strong belief that young people that are encouraged to understand their own unique set of skills, qualities and interests and to continually reflect on these to support self-discovery and aspirations, will provide a diverse and sustainable workforce for our future. I am therefore passionate about providing all young people with the tools, support and guidance during their schooling years to enable them to fulfil their potential.

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Vicky Pinnell

The majority of my career has been spent working with the vulnerable cohort within education, both in mainstream secondary education and as part of the Youth Justice and prison estate.  I strongly believe in inspiring all young people to develop their future aspirations.  

Passionate about motivating, encouraging ownership, independent choice, and improving life chances, I understand the importance of careers education.  Early exposure to careers programmes and industry information has proven to motivate and inspire young people, and allow them to develop their knowledge, understanding and skill set in preparation for the world of work.  

With commitment and passion, I will be supporting Careers Leaders and Enterprise Advisers in Kent to ensure the best possible outcomes for their young people.

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Sam Presneill

Working in Education sector since 2009, across both primary and secondary settings in the Medway area of Kent.

Supporting young people to succeed in life beyond education is something I am passionate about. Working with careers leaders and the wider school community to ensure every avenue and pathway is explored with our young people is key to their success.

Having spent the last three years bringing a variety of business’ in to talk to young people from the age of 4 to 18 years has been a rewarding part of my own career. As an Enterprise Co-ordinator across Kent, I am keen to continue this and open many more doors of opportunity to our young people.

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Melanie Phillips

I have been working in the world of careers since 2013 and have watched careers education evolve into an important aspect of young people’s education and development. Being on the ‘front line’ advising young people, I have seen first-hand how careers education, information, advice and guidance can prepare young people ready for the world of work but also improve their attainment at school/college, improve their motivation to learn and give them the confidence to navigate the world and their future within it.

It is a pleasure to be supporting the Medway Network of schools/college and Enterprise Advisers with our mutual ambition to improve outcomes for all young people. 

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simon harris

My journey into professional careers work began in 2005 when I trained as a careers guidance practitioner with Canterbury Christ Church University and then worked with Connexions Kent & Medway. 

After staying on after CK&M became CXK I continued to work as a Team Leader across NEET and vulnerable young people’s support contracts and school guidance work, before departing to the National Deaf Children’s Society where I became the charity’s Post-14 Development Manager. 

I became an Enterprise Coordinator with the West Kent Partnership in 2017 and now support schools primarily in the Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells areas, where I work alongside some truly inspirational careers leaders, governors and Enterprise Advisers who all bring so much creativity and dedication to the task of better preparing young people for their futures. I continue to study and research areas connected to careers and learning and, in a voluntary capacity, also chair the trustees at Oakley College.  

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Usha Kong

I joined the Careers & Enterprise Company in December 2019 bringing with me 30+ years of experience from the Corporate, Private and Charity sectors as well as my own experience of being an Entrepreneur.  I understand first-hand the need for careers and enterprise education and the value that it brings to young people, the employer and the impact to the economy.

My passion has always been around personal development and supporting individuals and teams to perform to the best of their abilities by providing them with the tools and techniques to achieve this.  It is vital that we equip our young people with these skills from an early age and help them to be more resilient, resourceful and opportunity focused.

My business and industry experience and exposure which I am still involved with, keeps my knowledge current and relevant enabling me to share and support the work I do today in the Kent & Medway Enterprise Adviser Network.

As an Enterprise Coordinator I support schools and Enterprise Advisers in West Kent and North Kent and together we are making progress in bridging the gap between education and the world of work.

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