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If you attend one of our Kent Schools and are in Year 11, your school will issue your login details during the Autumn term.  If you have not received them, please contact your school in the first instance.  If they are unable to supply these, please Get in Touch with the KentChoices Team.

Yes, you can. Please Self-register an account here which will enable you to apply for sixth form and college courses in Kent. 

If you have an email address registered to your account, you can use the ‘Forgotten your username or forgotten your password’ option on the login screen. You will then receive an email allowing you to reset your details.

If you do not have an email address registered to your account, your school can reset your details for you or Get in Touch with the KentChoices Team.

Forgotten your username?

Forgotten your password?

You can either ask your school to unlock your account for you or Get in Touch with the KentChoices Team.

Applications for most sixth forms and colleges are open from Tuesday 1 November 2022. However, this can vary from school to school. Some schools also close applications as early as January so we would strongly advise you to check these dates for any sixth forms you may want to apply to, so you don’t miss important deadlines. You can find this information on each school’s information page, which can be found by clicking on More Information when selecting the school after searching By Provider, or by clicking the name of the school highlighted in pink on any of their courses.

  • We would always recommend you talk to your school first, they know you best and can suggest suitable options.  
  • You could visit open events in your area to see what other schools and colleges have to offer. Find dates and times of upcoming events.
  • Look at our information pages for some inspiration.
  • Contact the National Careers Service by calling 0800 100 900 or using their webchat

The following video guides will help with making an application:

We recommend a minimum of 2 but no more than 5 applications are made. (It is always advisable to have a backup option - just in case things do not go as planned).  

There is also a maximum of 8 applications that you can have open at any one time, so make sure to check your drafts if you are unable to start a new application!

Deadlines for making applications can vary from school to school.  Some close in January, others stay open all year round.  To check close dates for applications, please see ‘Where do I find out when applications are open ...’ question.  We advise applying as soon as possible, even if the school or college you wish to study at do not have a deadline as popular courses can fill up quickly.

Yes, you can change these at any time by clicking on Re-order my preferences in the Your Applications section of your KentChoices account.  We will write to you during Easter to ask you to make your final choices.  PLEASE NOTE – Sixth forms and colleges will not see application preferences until after April 2023.

You can accept as many offers as you wish and do not need to make a final decision until after you receive your exam results (as long as you meet any set entry requirements or enrolment instructions).

No. If you decide you no longer wish to accept an offer from a school or college, please let them know as soon as possible so they can offer your place to someone else.

You will receive an email from the college you applied to containing a link to their interview booking site - Enterprise. 

Make sure you book your interview as soon as possible – if there are no dates available, this may indicate that places for the course you have chosen are now fully booked. 

Tip: The interview booking URL will expire after 14 days so it is important that you regularly check your emails. if you have not booked your interview within this time, you will need to request a new link by calling the college.

Unfortunately not. Once saved, any amendments made to your personal statement will be automatically applied to all of your applications (even those you have already sent). 

In section 3 'Why have you chosen the course(s),' you do however have the option to talk about why you want to apply to a particular sixth form/college and why you are interested in a particular course.

Last updated on 17/02/2023