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Astor College

Astor Avenue, Tower Hamlets, CT17 0AS

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About us

Astor College prides itself on the strength and quality of its Sixth Form, which will consist of about 130 students next year. There is a considerable variety of opportunity, and Sixth Form students are encouraged to formulate their own programme of study in negotiation with tutors and in the light of guidance from Careers Staff.

Courses of study in the Sixth Form may last one, two or three years. Students learn how to produce individual action plans and log their progress of achievements. Astor considers the development of personal and social skills to be of great importance and, to that end, the day to day organisation of the college and its programme of special events involve the Sixth Form fully. This complements and enhances our full and well established Intermediate and Advanced level programmes.

The policy runs neatly alongside and within the academic framework. Tutor periods enable tutors to monitor students’ progress and to give advice on such things as time management, revision programmes and university application. It is intended that students will have the opportunity to attend Sixth Form conferences.

Sixth Formers occupy their own sixth form centre which provides an enviable facility for supervised private study as well as its own area for relaxation and tea and coffe making facilities

Students from Astor’s Sixth Form go on to: Universities Colleges of Higher Education Art Colleges Training Placements and a wide range of employment. The good reputation of Astor’s Sixth Form is often an asset to students applying locally for courses or jobs.

Prospective Sixth Form students are given information about the Sixth Form Curriculum throughout the Spring Term. Parents of prospective Sixth Formers and students are invited to an informal evening 1 December at 19.30 in the White Cliffs Theatre where, after a short presentation, staff, parents and students can talk about the nature of life in the Sixth Form. At the start of the Spring Term (3)students will be invited to an interview in order to review their chosen course of study. From the 2nd December, students are invited to apply to the Sixth Form by using the on-line applications system Students should also write a letter to the Principal requesting a place at Astor’s Sixth Form.

Throughout the remainder of the year, staff are on hand to answer timetable questions and offer guidance on the next stage of the student’s education. Towards the end of the Summer Term, a Registration Day is offered by way of an introduction to the Sixth Form. At this stage, personal action plans are formulated. Where necessary students keep in touch throughout the Summer holiday and are advised in the light of their examination results. Staff will be available when results are published to give advice and support.

During the first few days of the Autumn Term, Sixth Form tutors work closely with students and subject staff to produce the most appropriate individual timetable.

Additional information

Entry Requirements:

Entry to the Sixth Form is dependent upon students filling in an on-line application and a successful letter of application to the Principal. All students joining us will be asked to sign a Sixth Form Agreement.

Entry to Advanced Level courses is restricted to those students with 5 C grades in 5 different subjects. Students wishing to study on A level courses which are 100% exam based, such as Psychology, Sociology, will need to have demonstrated appropriate skills at GCSE level. Students who have followed a predominantly BTEC route at KS4 will be advised to follow similar courses in the Sixth Form.

All students will have an individual interview where they will be advised on an appropriate progression route. Students who have not yet achieved this recommended level are advised to take a BTEC Intermediate Course.

Students will be expected to attend the sixth form induction day so that preparatory work can be collected and completed over the summer for their chosen A level subjects.

Applicants from other schools will be invited to an interview to discuss their subject preferences.


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