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Welcome to Goodwin Academy

Goodwin Academy is committed to offering a wide range of courses to suit the needs of learners within the local area.

Pathways we offer allow students the opportunity to achieve at Level 3 and could lead to university, employment or further training, for example Higher Level Apprenticeships.

The majority of our courses are vocational qualifications, which means they are assessed through coursework and examinations over a two year period. The BTEC National Extended Certificate courses are equivalent to one A Level. The BTEC National Diploma is equivalent to two A Levels.

Entry requirements - to study the courses offered at Level 3, students will need to have achieved 5 x A*-C or 9-4 grades at GCSE or equivalent; this can include vocational courses. Some courses might have extra requirements and these are outlined in this course guide

Students may make between 3 and 4 choices at Level 3. Please be aware double awards count as two choices. If you choose the double award you must also choose the single award. Full time courses are shown in their own block and if you are choosing from this block you can only select one course. 

Please feel free to contact us for further details.

What makes us different?

Why Study at Goodwin Academy Sixth Form?

Further academic study at Sixth Form is rewarding because it is intellectually stimulating and challenging.

We encourage learners to have 4 learning aims; by pursuing studies more deeply in a narrower range of subjects the learner gains a strong level of knowledge and mastery of that subject.

Level 3 study is the stepping stone to university and can offer many opportunities in the future.

Level 3 courses provide a benchmark for the learner’s capabilities to a prospective employer; these qualifications are highly valued for the skills base they develop.

Student support

Support for all Goodwin Academy Sixth Form students:

The Sixth Form staff take great pride in the support and care they put in place for all students. We treat each student as an individual and take great care to meet and respond to specific needs. This can include:

• Regular contact with the Sixth Form Leadership and Wellbeing team

• Guidance and support for Higher Education and Careers 

• Regular progress reviews, with subsequent support put in place where needed 

• Parent consultation meetings for Year 12 and Year 13 students 

We operate an ‘open door’ policy and are always available for students or parents who wish to discuss any part of life as a sixth form student.

Advice and Guidance

We are committed to helping students to make the right decision for their future, based upon their aspirations. There are several key areas in which we will assist students in their Sixth Form career.

All students who apply to join the Sixth Form will receive a guidance interview from the Sixth Form team. This will check that students have selected the correct courses for their future plans and ensure the courses are well matched to their academic needs.

Students are assigned a tutor who, along with the  the Head of Sixth Form, is responsible for monitoring the academic guidance and pastoral care of their tutees. This will include monitoring progress, offering support and discussing progression after completion of Sixth Form studies.

Careers education and guidance is an integral part of the Sixth Form programme to ensure that students make informed and appropriate decisions about their future. Help and guidance in making applications to universities and colleges is comprehensive, and there are a number of additional support sessions for students wishing to apply for university such as trips to Higher Education Career Fairs and visits from speakers on university finance.

How to Achieve at Sixth Form

We encourage Goodwin Academy Sixth Form students, with guidance, to take responsibility for their own learning and develop the skills to succeed at university and at work.

Each A2 and AS Level is allocated approximately two half days of taught time while double awards have approximately four half days.

• For every hour a student is taught, he or she is expected to spend at least another hour working on the subject outside the classroom.

• All students need to plan their time for homework, coursework deadlines, private study and social activities to achieve an appropriate balance.

• Note taking, research and making presentations are essential skills that students, with the support of staff, develop through their courses.

Support Throughout the Year:

Role of Parents and Carers

Goodwin Academy Sixth Form recognises the valuable role that parents and carers play in supporting students and the college. We encourage individuals to take advantage of the opportunities to talk with their tutor, subject staff and the Head of Sixth Form. We recognise that parents and carers are invaluable in supporting a students learning and in monitoring their time management between competing pressures of deadlines, part-time employment and social activities.

Additional information

Additional opportunities to enhance the study programme:

• PSHCCEE is timetabled with the whole year group together; this enables us to offer a robust programme including study skills and regular guest speakers.

• Work experience is expected during Year 12 and this can take place to meet the needs of the learner; this may be a one week block, one day a week for a term or a morning a week for 3 months –this is flexible to meet the needs of the students.

• Leadership opportunities are encouraged with sixth form students taking on the role of mentors and study support for students in the younger years of the school.

• Compulsory supervised study time is provided for all Year 12 learners. This is to develop independence in their learning.