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Employ an Apprentice

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job that offers accredited training alongside and is referred to as an ‘apprenticeship standard’. Taking on an apprentice can be a great way to bring new talent into your workplace or upskill your existing staff.

How Does it Work?

  • Your apprentice will be employed like any other member of staff, on a contract of at least 30 hours per week.
  • You will need to allow your apprentice around 20% of their working hours to complete their off-the-job training. They may attend a college or training centre to do this, or the provider may be able to deliver the training at your workplace.
  • The off-the-job training and qualification side of the apprenticeship will be delivered by an approved apprenticeship training provider, who will support you in setting up the apprenticeship and making it work for your business.

What is the Minimum Wage for an Apprentice?

The minimum wage for an apprentice in their first year is £4.81 per hour (£5.38 per hour from April 2023). If the apprentice is 19 or over after their first year, they are then paid the National Minimum Wage for their age bracket. 

Find out more about the National Minimum Wage

Are There Any Other Costs Involved?

You will need to pay your apprentice’s wage, but you may be entitled to funding that covers the delivery of training. This will depend on your organisation and the apprentice you recruit.

More Information

In April 2017, the government introduced the ‘apprenticeship levy’ which is paid by large employers with a pay bill of over £3 million. This accounts to 0.5% of their annual pay bill going into their levy account.

This can then be accessed to fund apprenticeship training within their organisation. Funds can also be shared with other businesses who do not pay into their own apprenticeship levy. 

Kent County Council (KCC) has an apprenticeship levy and can share the money it has not used to fund apprenticeship training with Kent businesses. If you are a Kent business and would like to express your interest in accessing the KCC levy for your apprenticeship training, please visit Hire an Apprentice page on their website.

The government have increased incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice and your business may be entitled to incentive payments. Find out more below.

Financial Incentives for Employers

Last updated on 05/05/2023